Online Microblading Training

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The Suite Academy

By training with The Suite Academy Online, you will have access to the highest quality of instruction at a pace that suites your needs. Our master artist and educator is a physician who knows the depth of skin anatomy and medical aesthetics that should be taken into consideration for each procedure.

​Why Train With Us?

We allow access to our online instructional tools for 6 months and a lifetime of mentorship as you continue  your career. Education and execution is key to succeeding in this demanding industry. We teach you both. 

We have a hands on approach that allows students guided instruction, praticums, and timely feedback to advance their skillset as they progress. Our training program is not a passive one where students watch a few videos and become certified. Our students undergo rigorous exercises and practicums that are submitted and then evaluated by our master artisit. At the completion of all course levels, our students will be competent technicians entering the industry  with sound knowledge and technique.

How It Works

  1. Enroll
    You can now sign up for March 2018 classes now! You'll have immediate access to start learning through our training modules. As you complete the first half of the program, your Professional Kit will arrive within 2 weeks to complete the hands on portion of the program.
  2. Study
    Review and take all training levels with detailed video instruction, guided practice, and reviewed submitted work. Each student will be mentored with timely feedback and personalized instruction on their work. We are committed to your success.
  3. Certification
    Once all levels of training have been completed it's time to celebrate and start taking your first set of clients! We'll teach you how to get started in the industry, building clientele, and making a name for yourself in your city and beyond!
Business Expectations
With the innovative techniques of semi-permanent cosmetics, there has come tremendous growth and opportunities to professionals in the industry. The ever expanding appearance of treatments like microblading have created a huge demand for these services.

The average price of a microblading is from $400 to $800 for the initial session. It is realistic to perform 2 treatments per day at an average of $500.  That equates to $1,000 a day,  $20,000+ a month, which is  $250,000 a year.

There are no other beauty technicians outside of dermatologists and surgeons that can obtain such revenue potential for their services. A wonderful side effect of a highly trained microblading technician is that  your business grows itself since your client’s are promoting you 24/7 with your amazing work on their face.

What Will I Learn?

  • Skin Anatomy and How it Relates to Microblading
  • Brow Design for All Face Shapes
  • 3D Hairstrokes and Shading Techniqe
  • Colory Theory as it Relates to Pigment Selection
  • Problem Solving for Previous Procedures

  • Healing Process for Different Skin Types
  • Consent and Release Forms and Client Education Tools
  • Common State Permenant Makeup Regulations
  • Certificate of Completion
  • and Much More!
Professional Kit Contents
Your professional Microblading Kit will last you a minimum of 10 clients and includes the Fundamental Colors used to service a variety of skin tones. Over time, you will learn what colors and blades to add to your kit to ensure optimal diversity of your skill set. The potential revenue earned from this kit is $4000! 

  • 10 x Disposable Microblading Hand Tools with Needles
  • 10 x Disposable Shading Hand Tools
  • 10 x Shading Needles (14 needles)
  • 1 x 5% Lidocaine Topical Numbing Cream (Pre-Procedure)
  • 1 x ULTRA DURATION Topical Numbing Liquid (During Procedure)
  • 5 x Fundamental Microblading Pigments
  • 2 x Modifying Pigments
  • 5 x Practice Skin Pads
  • 25 x Disposable Pigment Cups
  • 25 x Cotton Q-Tips
  • 25 x Disposable Lip Wands
  • 10 x Single Use After Care Packets
  • 15 x Eyebrow Rulers
  • 2 x Waterproof Brow Pencils
  • 10 x Straight Razor Blades
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In this course we cover everything you need to know to become a
Microblading artist from start to finish. No previous experience or certification
is neccessary

You can reserve your spot for the Online Class starting in March 2018
by Pre-Enrolling today for only $375.  There are a limited number of 
students for each month to ensure adequate and personalized instruction.
The remaining tuition fee of $1125 (with kit) and $625 (without kit). Remaining tuition  is due prior to starting our course.