Microblading Training

Microblading Training in Baton Rouge, La

  1. Why Train With Us?
    By training at The Suite Clinic you get the expertise of a licensed physician who will guide you towards creating beautiful results time and time again. Over the 2 day training you will learn the design and theory behind microblading as well as partake in hands on training under Dr. Mitchell's supervision.
  2. Included Topics
    Skin Anatomy Blood borne Pathogens Brow Design Hairstrokes and Shading Technique Color Theory Covering Old Tattoos Tool Sterilization Consent and Release Forms Healing Process State Regulations Certificate of Completion
  3. Can I Do This?
    Yes you CAN do this! It will take a lot of time, training, and practice on your part, but I believe anyone who is well trained can be successful? There is no licensure required in the state of Louisiana. Regulations do vary by state. It is your responsibility to ensure you are in accordance with your home state.
  4. Does it Really Last?
    Microblading can last anywhere from 1 to 2 years depending on skin type and after care. Oily You will be given very specific guidelines for all clients to follow to ensure the best retention.
  5. Revenue
    With microblading a six figure income can become your reality. 1 client per day = $400 $400 x 5 days per week = $2000 $2000 per week x 52 weeks = $104k
  6. Investment
    This 2 day training is $2500 Deposit to secure enrollment: $625 Due Two weeks prior to training: $1200 Final payment day of training: $625

How to Enroll

Email TheSuiteClinic@gmail.com

We will respond with training date availability.

Current Dates: 
September 6th - 7th